"Man from Mina" © Ruth Naomi Floyd

“Man from Mina” © Ruth Naomi Floyd

I am fascinated by the human face and find joy in creating portraits.


I choose the medium of black and white photography because it allows me to express the brightest white to the deepest black and the vivid gray shades that fall in between. My photographs reveal images that are already deeply etched in my mind and soul.

In the language of silence and stillness, we are led to places where we may discover the stirring of mystery and the calm of peace. Throughout that journey one encounters many challenges, such as, the pull of memory and the struggle to balance communion with others and with oneself in the space of vulnerability.  My art trusts in the hope of discovery.

My goal is for my images to evoke a response, whether positive or negative.  I humbly accept the process of creating art as a gift from God. These images are the product of that gift. Art is essential to human life and its spirit; art can speak to the human condition and strengthen and revolutionize thoughts and lives. When that happens, the art is the message and the artist is merely the messenger. ~ Ruth Naomi Floyd