"Woman and the Veil" © Ruth Naomi Floyd

“Woman and the Veil”
© Ruth Naomi Floyd

“When two artistic forms converge and intertwine creative languages, a space is created to explore, express and experiment.”  ~ Ruth Naomi Floyd


The Veil Series is a body of fine art black and white photographic images and music compositions that express the different “veils” that we experience while traveling on the path of life. Throughout life’s journey we encounter themes that may reveal our struggle to stand, fall or kneel. It is in these seasons that we choose to embrace, reject, shield, conceal, shroud and grasp the realities of our veiled experience. For the One who created us is the only One who fully sees through our veils.

The photographic images were captured using silver based films with 35 mm and 4×5 inch view cameras. Ruth used traditional wet darkroom technology as well as digital printing on archival papers to produce the final images.

The Veil Series music compositions are deeply rooted in the jazz improvisational idiom and reflects the musical languages of European Classical and American Folk music.